Not Just an American Thing

There’s something about the entire culture that surrounds the alcoholic beverage of beer. It’s so much different than that of any other type of liquor in the world that I have ever come across because it is very casual, while at the same time just strong enough to get you drunk after a few rounds and pints of the liquid of the gods. Of course beer is not something that anyone would consider to be healthy for you because it is always pretty high in calories and tends to make people gain weight especially in their bellies, but for the most part beer is something that you and everyone else in the world enjoys, and because it such a popular and widely celebrated beverage around the world it makes sense that there are beer enthusiasts in literally every single country around the world.

It’s so much more than just an American thing, although here in the United States beer is like the god of all drinks and can bring people together from all different backgrounds, but this is something that has become known to be universal and it’s true that some of the best beers in the world are American, while at the same time there are a lot of other really great beers around the entire world that can rank very high in the best beers in the world rankings. But if you are the type of person who is very particular about the type of beer that you drink and you are interested in knowing which beers are the very best to drink from all over the world then you have come to the right blogs because all of these blogs are specifically focused on which beers are the best in the worlds, as well as which breweries and brands of beer are the overall best in the world.

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So before we rant to far on about one specific subject that is the genuine awesomeness of beer let’s start talking about some of the beers that have made our list of the best beers in the world, and the next beer on our list just so happens to be a beer that is from right here in California with the Saison Bernice (which is from the Sante Aidairius brewing company). This is the type of beer that you would definitely see in some other places around the world besides the United States and although it has a very refreshing taste to it that a little bit sour it is still very strong at six and half percent alcohol rating. It’s a great local American beer that comes in really cool bottles, but let’s keep moving on with our list because this beer honestly isn’t all that special as compared to the other beers we have in mind about telling you about.

Our next beer that is on our list is called the Grassroots Broth Soigne, and it is originated from the Hill Farmstead brewing company, and this beer is also an American brand that comes from the great state of Vermont. It’s a unique type of flavor that is tart and also has a sense of refreshment that only a Vermont beer is able to offer just like the state itself. This beer is very tasty and is actually very healthy as compared to the other beers on this list, and part of the way that it is healthier is that it is not as concentrated with alcohol at five percent. But it is created in a great place called Greensboro, Vermont and that’s enough to say that it is one of the best American beers on the market right now, and it actually still makes the list of one of the best beers in the entire world, which is a great accomplishment for such a small brewery like Hill Farmstead.
The next beer on our list is not from the United States and actually is one of the best beers that has ever come out of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, which just happens to be one of the happiest places on the face of the earth. We’re talking about the Beer Geek Breakfast, which comes from the Denmark brewing company called Mikkeller.

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