Drinking Some Beer

So, let’s say you are super into drinking some beer, yeah, welcome to club, buddy. Everyone in the world seems to be into drinking beer, and if you aren’t into drinking beer then you probably are not that chill of a person, so to be honest if you don’t like beer then you can just get out of this website right now and move along with your day, but if you do like beer and you like life in general then you have found yourself in the perfect place on the internet because you are now going to learn a lot more about the best beers in the world and what they have to offer, and why exactly they are the best beers in the world.

This entire website and list of articles has been dedicated to this idea that we need to spread the word around about the best beers in the world, because let’s be honest people need to know what is the best of thing they love the most, it’s just human nature to be curious about these types of things. So if you are the type of person who is curious to know which beers actually are the very best beers in the world, then keep on reading and find out because we are about to list a whole bunch of beers to round out our list of the best, so this article will be full of information, right, about, now!

The next beer on our list of the best beers in the world just so happens to come from our good friends at the Hill Farmstead Brewery, AGAIN! These guys seriously are killers of the game and this next one that we are bout to tell you about actually is one of the best beers that we think they have to offer in their awesome repertoire. The name of the beer is the Grassroots Legitimacy, and it comes in an IPA and a Porter selections, which gives you some options while also not compromising great flavor and craftsmanship. Of course this beer comes from the Pacific North West like all of Hil Farmstead and each beer has a super barley and oat type of flavor while the porter is definitely darker and roastier. The IPA is a great yellow tint and it is also 6.7% alcohol so you know if you drink a few of these bad boys you are going to be rolling down the streets of Portlandia.

The next great beer from around the world comes from the USA again in California through the Pliny the Elder beer from the Russian River Company. This beer is super dark and has a great IPA look and taste to it, and it is also 8% alcohol so it is super strong and gets the job done right like any Russian would.

The next great beer from around the world comes from Oregon and it is the Raspberry Tart from the New Glarus brewing company. As you can probably imagine this beer tastes like drinking a glass of raspberry juice that just so happens to get you super faded. It’s pretty good and obviously really fruity flavored, and it is also pretty weak in alcohol content at 4%.

The next best beer in the world comes from the Everett bear that is known to be really tasty and is from the Hill Farmstead brewery, and you’re probably thinking that all we ever did was try beer from Hill Farmstead, but the truth is that they are probably one of the best breweries in the world and deserve all the credit that they get so just buzz off if you’re onto us!

But all in all the best beers in the world are always going to be a matter of subjectivity because it is pretty hard to have a competition about the best beers in the world without the judges getting super drunk about midway through the competition and then start thinking that the beers taste pretty good and maybe even better once they are more drunk.
So if you love beer as much as we do go out and start drinking some more beer with your friends because that’s a super fun thing to do.

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