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Drinking Some Beer

So, let’s say you are super into drinking some beer, yeah, welcome to club, buddy. Everyone in the world seems to be into drinking beer, and if you aren’t into drinking beer then you probably are not that chill of a person, so to be honest if you don’t like beer then you can just […]

Getting Drunk on Planet Earth

Let’s be honest with ourselves as humans who populate the earth, and most likely humans who populate the American internet blogosphere: we like to get drunk with our friends, and getting drunk with our friends is one of our favorite things to do with our friends because when we are drunk with our friends we […]

Grandmothers Love to Drink Beer

Everyone in the world and their grandmothers loves to drink beer, and maybe some people don’t really like beer and maybe those people are more into wine, but who the hell wants to hang out with someone who is always drinking wine that sounds super lame and no where near as fun as someone who […]

Not Just an American Thing

There’s something about the entire culture that surrounds the alcoholic beverage of beer. It’s so much different than that of any other type of liquor in the world that I have ever come across because it is very casual, while at the same time just strong enough to get you drunk after a few rounds […]

Best Beers in the World!

  Best Beers in the World and the best brands If you like alcohol in any way, shape or form then you probably have had beer and enjoyed it tremendously, at least in comparison to the other forms of alcohol like wine, whiskey and vodka. There is something about beer that makes it something that […]

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