Best Beers in the World!

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Best Beers in the World and the best brands

If you like alcohol in any way, shape or form then you probably have had beer and enjoyed it tremendously, at least in comparison to the other forms of alcohol like wine, whiskey and vodka. There is something about beer that makes it something that everyone, no matter who you are or where you are from, enjoys and can bond over. Beer is the drink that we all come together with and it’s so much more of a friendly drink because unlike other forms of alcohol beer is something that you typically will drink slowly over a long course of time, which in turn gives you a bunch of time to talk with the people around you and bond with other people. It’s the drink that creates so many friendships and big bellies and it is something that not only Americans, but people all over the world enjoy to drink and have made part of their past times.

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It doesn’t matter where you go in the world because everywhere beer can be found and it is always so plentiful. Maybe it is because the process of brewing beer is so simple and can be done anywhere, or maybe it really is because everyone in the world actually enjoys drinking a good beer, but no matter where you are in the world you more than likely can order a beer, unless you are in a Muslim country that doesn’t believe in drinking alcohol, but of course they are also strange places with a lot of violence and people that could use a beer for Christ’s sake.

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Yes, beer is something that pretty much everyone can agree upon, but at the same time there is always a lot of debate as to which countries or companies have the best beer, and sometimes this debate can get pretty heated. But if you are a beer enthusiast and you love beer just as much as we do then you have come to the right place because this entire series of blogs is dedicated to the very best beers in the world and the overall best beer brands that can make you feel like you are a king in a castle while drinking a beer all by yourself but hopefully with some friends like they’re supposed to be enjoyed.


We have searched far and wide and traveled all over the world to figure out which beers really are the best beers in the entire world, and to much of our surprise there are some of the best beers right here in the United States, while we also found out that a lot of the best beers in the world come from all over the place in places and countries that we would have least expected.


So with out further consideration let’s start our countdown of the very best beers in all of the world counting down from twenty all the way to number one before we start ranking the best beer brands in the world in later blogs, but for our first beer that we would like to discuss we are going to deal with Aphrodisiaque (Dieu du Ciel) and this is probably one of the very best stouts in the world that you may actually be able to find at home here in the United States because it is from Montreal, Canada just on the other side of the border.


This is a really dark looking beer that foams absolutely perfectly and has a smooth dessert like taste to it, and is actually rather strong for so much flavor at six and half percent alcohol. But this beer has such a strong smell which really does make it feel like the aroma itself and of course the taste can help you attract any mate at the bar, and it really is a very unique stout that sets it apart in the only way that French Canada could set a part a beer from the rest of the world. While it has a unique European style to the beer it still is definitely Canadian, and because it is Canadian and is so close the United States you can definitely be looking for this beer the next time you are at your local liquor store, if you have an extremely awesome local liquor store like a lot of people in the United States are fortunate to have.