About the Author


Hello, and welcome to my website that goes into the finer details about the best beer from all around the world. My name is William Wallace and I have been drinking beer since I was the ripe age of five years old when my old grand pappy said, Hey William, come over here and become a man with me. After I had that first sip of beer I knew from then on that I was going to be a beer enthusiast and work in the beer industry for the rest of my life.


The fact that my grand pappy ran a very successful brewery did help me out because from a really young age I learned the fermentation process and was able to help run the entire operation by the time I was 18. Eventually I took over for my grand pappy after he died and then the brewery was mine. I started to get super creative with the type of beer I created, probably because I’m a super ADD person and wanted to be as creative as possible with the beers that I made, and it just so happened that my beer became very popular in the United States and started getting popular all over the world.


So I took my beer on tour with me as I got invited to some of the best competitions and beer festivals around the world, and it was there that I started to learn about the best beers in the world and what it takes to really be the best. I found out that so many people love making and drinking beer, and from then on I became a staple in the global elite of beer making and drinking and it’s where I still am today in terms of my prestige as a beer connoisseur.


There’s just something about being able to sit around and do nothing but drink beer for hours that makes me feel all nice inside, and I do have a lot of insides because I weigh roughly 300 pounds on a good day, but don’t tell the ladies because they love hanging out with me when I’m drunk. But for the most part I got into the beer industry at a very young age and was meant to be here for a long time, so I have created this website to help everyone else out so that they too can be inspired to become a part of the beer industry and maybe even start trying to make their own beer and see how far they can take their own recipes into the elite side of beer making and maybe even make the next great beer from around the world.
So go out there, get inspired and maybe try to be experimental when you are tempting yourself into buying that home brewery making machine that will potentially make you millions of dollars in the long run like it did for me. Not everyone gets to inherit a brewery like I did, but you still can make the best beer in the world if in your heart you believe it, you silly chump!