Drinking Some Beer

So, let’s say you are super into drinking some beer, yeah, welcome to club, buddy. Everyone in the world seems to be into drinking beer, and if you aren’t into drinking beer then you probably are not that chill of a person, so to be honest if you don’t like beer then you can just get out of this website right now and move along with your day, but if you do like beer and you like life in general then you have found yourself in the perfect place on the internet because you are now going to learn a lot more about the best beers in the world and what they have to offer, and why exactly they are the best beers in the world.

This entire website and list of articles has been dedicated to this idea that we need to spread the word around about the best beers in the world, because let’s be honest people need to know what is the best of thing they love the most, it’s just human nature to be curious about these types of things. So if you are the type of person who is curious to know which beers actually are the very best beers in the world, then keep on reading and find out because we are about to list a whole bunch of beers to round out our list of the best, so this article will be full of information, right, about, now!

The next beer on our list of the best beers in the world just so happens to come from our good friends at the Hill Farmstead Brewery, AGAIN! These guys seriously are killers of the game and this next one that we are bout to tell you about actually is one of the best beers that we think they have to offer in their awesome repertoire. The name of the beer is the Grassroots Legitimacy, and it comes in an IPA and a Porter selections, which gives you some options while also not compromising great flavor and craftsmanship. Of course this beer comes from the Pacific North West like all of Hil Farmstead and each beer has a super barley and oat type of flavor while the porter is definitely darker and roastier. The IPA is a great yellow tint and it is also 6.7% alcohol so you know if you drink a few of these bad boys you are going to be rolling down the streets of Portlandia.

The next great beer from around the world comes from the USA again in California through the Pliny the Elder beer from the Russian River Company. This beer is super dark and has a great IPA look and taste to it, and it is also 8% alcohol so it is super strong and gets the job done right like any Russian would.

The next great beer from around the world comes from Oregon and it is the Raspberry Tart from the New Glarus brewing company. As you can probably imagine this beer tastes like drinking a glass of raspberry juice that just so happens to get you super faded. It’s pretty good and obviously really fruity flavored, and it is also pretty weak in alcohol content at 4%.

The next best beer in the world comes from the Everett bear that is known to be really tasty and is from the Hill Farmstead brewery, and you’re probably thinking that all we ever did was try beer from Hill Farmstead, but the truth is that they are probably one of the best breweries in the world and deserve all the credit that they get so just buzz off if you’re onto us!

But all in all the best beers in the world are always going to be a matter of subjectivity because it is pretty hard to have a competition about the best beers in the world without the judges getting super drunk about midway through the competition and then start thinking that the beers taste pretty good and maybe even better once they are more drunk.
So if you love beer as much as we do go out and start drinking some more beer with your friends because that’s a super fun thing to do.

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Getting Drunk on Planet Earth

Let’s be honest with ourselves as humans who populate the earth, and most likely humans who populate the American internet blogosphere: we like to get drunk with our friends, and getting drunk with our friends is one of our favorite things to do with our friends because when we are drunk with our friends we tend to have a lot of fun because our friends are fun people and when they are drunk they are even more fun. This is just a metaphysical law of the universe that people are more fun when they are drunk, and that’s just part of why people like to go out to bars and get drunk because they tend to have an awesome time and just get super rowdy and faded while hitting on some super sexy chicks that just so happen to be looking at you a little bit differently than they usually do because you have some kind of strange chemical imbalance going on in your mind that still allows you to kiss girls more often than you would when you are sober.

It’s a strange thing that happens when you get drunk and everyone has some idea of where I’m coming from, right? No? Maybe? Well, even if you don’t know what in the world I’m talking about anymore and you still like beer then you have come to the right website because this entire website is strictly dedicated to the best beers in the world and the beer brands in the world, so if you are a beer drinker and you are curious about drinking the best beer the world has to offer then you should just keep on reading because you are about have your mind blow from the amount of super dank beer there is all around the world that can be in your hands the next time you step into a super classy bar that just so happens to have some of the best beers in the world.

The next beer that makes the list of the best beers in the world is called Serendipity, and it definitely is the type of beer that you would think would epitomize the whole universal law of attraction when that cute Wisconsin babe at the bar is eating cheese and then smiles at you from afar knowing that you are checking her out. Yes, this beer comes from a land of milk and more milk and some cheese, and by that I mean Wisconsin, USA, and it just so happens to come from a very reputable brewery called New Glarus. It’s a super fruity beer that makes you feel like you are not even drinking a beer because it is so full of apples, cherries, and cranberries to the point that you are so flavor blasted that the beer actually is making you want to eat some more cheese and maybe even drink some milk. It’s definitely a Wisconsin beer with some serious Wisconsin flavors all added up into the mix, and it also is not that strong of a beer when it comes down to how much alcohol it has in it at 5.1%, so it’s still a very casual beer to drink for both girls and guys.

The next beer on the list of the best beers in the world also comes from the United States, but it is not from a state that you would normally guess would have a good supply of beer, and that state just so happens to be Florida. The beer we are talking about is the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter that comes from the Funky Buddha brewery out of Oakland Park, Florida, and we’ll tell you one thing that this type of beer is something that you can have at any time of the day, and it is definitely something that would go well during a great breakfast meal. Think of all the flavors just packed into the name of this beer and you’ll know just how dank it is, and at 6.4% ABV you are going to get super faded at your next brunch, which is always really fun.

So go out and try some of these beers and catch us next time to learn the rest of the world’s best beers!


Grandmothers Love to Drink Beer

Everyone in the world and their grandmothers loves to drink beer, and maybe some people don’t really like beer and maybe those people are more into wine, but who the hell wants to hang out with someone who is always drinking wine that sounds super lame and no where near as fun as someone who likes to drink beer and get super wasted at a bar with their friends and just keep the party going. The thing is you can’t slam a glass of wine like you can a bottle of beer, and because wine is simply a classier, and actually way more alcoholic drink, that makes it no where near as much fun to drink with your friends in public. Maybe you should drink wine when you are trying to be classy with your new girlfriend who you are still trying to get to know, but everyone knows that if you are going to be hanging out with your homies in a bar you guys are going to order some beer because beer is where it is at and everyone in the world knows it.


So if you are the type of person who really enjoys beer and you may consider yourself to be somewhat of a beer enthusiast then you probably know that there are so many different types of beer in the world and that because there are so many different types of beer in the world it is kind of hard to distinguish which beers are the best beers in the world. But if you are the type of person who is curious to know which beers are the very best beers in the world then you have come to the right place because this entire website is dedicated to deciphering which beers get to be the very best in the world, and it also distinguishes which breweries and beer brands are the best in the world, which is pretty cool if you ask us, but we are the content creators so of course we think our own writing is cool, and that’s because we think that we are cool because we are super cool.


So listen to us, because we know what we are talking about although we drink beer all the time and are pretty much alcoholics who know how to write pretty fast, but that doesn’t matter because we know what’s good in the beer community and we definitely know which beers you would want to drink if you were going to try out and maybe try to sample the best beers the world has to offer the human population.


So before I go ranting on too much about how much better beer is compared to wine let’s start talking about some real beer and get the ball rolling again on these articles once and for all. The next beer on our list of best beers in the world just so happens to be the Citra Single Hop Pale Ale from the Hill Farmstead brewery up in the Pacific North West of the United States. This beer is pretty unique because it comes in a huge bottle with a cork, so you know that means it tastes pretty dank compared to the other regular beer in the world, but it also has this really great fruity flavor that kind of makes it taste like it comes from a grapefruit or some type of orange, or maybe even a tangerine. It’s a really tasty beer to say the very least about it, and if you are interested in drinking beers that taste a little fruity and good then this is definitely a really good option. It’s not the strongest beer in the world, that is for sure, because it is only at 5.5% alcohol concentration level, but it still tastes really good and makes you feel super drunk after you drink a couple bottles just like any other beer in the world.


So if you are thinking about getting into a new beer then you should definitely consider going with the Hill Farmstead brewery because they are a top brewery in the world, they are American, and they also have some really tasty beers like the Citra Single Hop Pale Ale that is just super dank in all respects.







Not Just an American Thing

There’s something about the entire culture that surrounds the alcoholic beverage of beer. It’s so much different than that of any other type of liquor in the world that I have ever come across because it is very casual, while at the same time just strong enough to get you drunk after a few rounds and pints of the liquid of the gods. Of course beer is not something that anyone would consider to be healthy for you because it is always pretty high in calories and tends to make people gain weight especially in their bellies, but for the most part beer is something that you and everyone else in the world enjoys, and because it such a popular and widely celebrated beverage around the world it makes sense that there are beer enthusiasts in literally every single country around the world.

It’s so much more than just an American thing, although here in the United States beer is like the god of all drinks and can bring people together from all different backgrounds, but this is something that has become known to be universal and it’s true that some of the best beers in the world are American, while at the same time there are a lot of other really great beers around the entire world that can rank very high in the best beers in the world rankings. But if you are the type of person who is very particular about the type of beer that you drink and you are interested in knowing which beers are the very best to drink from all over the world then you have come to the right blogs because all of these blogs are specifically focused on which beers are the best in the worlds, as well as which breweries and brands of beer are the overall best in the world.

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So before we rant to far on about one specific subject that is the genuine awesomeness of beer let’s start talking about some of the beers that have made our list of the best beers in the world, and the next beer on our list just so happens to be a beer that is from right here in California with the Saison Bernice (which is from the Sante Aidairius brewing company). This is the type of beer that you would definitely see in some other places around the world besides the United States and although it has a very refreshing taste to it that a little bit sour it is still very strong at six and half percent alcohol rating. It’s a great local American beer that comes in really cool bottles, but let’s keep moving on with our list because this beer honestly isn’t all that special as compared to the other beers we have in mind about telling you about.

Our next beer that is on our list is called the Grassroots Broth Soigne, and it is originated from the Hill Farmstead brewing company, and this beer is also an American brand that comes from the great state of Vermont. It’s a unique type of flavor that is tart and also has a sense of refreshment that only a Vermont beer is able to offer just like the state itself. This beer is very tasty and is actually very healthy as compared to the other beers on this list, and part of the way that it is healthier is that it is not as concentrated with alcohol at five percent. But it is created in a great place called Greensboro, Vermont and that’s enough to say that it is one of the best American beers on the market right now, and it actually still makes the list of one of the best beers in the entire world, which is a great accomplishment for such a small brewery like Hill Farmstead.
The next beer on our list is not from the United States and actually is one of the best beers that has ever come out of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, which just happens to be one of the happiest places on the face of the earth. We’re talking about the Beer Geek Breakfast, which comes from the Denmark brewing company called Mikkeller.

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Best Beers in the World!

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Best Beers in the World and the best brands

If you like alcohol in any way, shape or form then you probably have had beer and enjoyed it tremendously, at least in comparison to the other forms of alcohol like wine, whiskey and vodka. There is something about beer that makes it something that everyone, no matter who you are or where you are from, enjoys and can bond over. Beer is the drink that we all come together with and it’s so much more of a friendly drink because unlike other forms of alcohol beer is something that you typically will drink slowly over a long course of time, which in turn gives you a bunch of time to talk with the people around you and bond with other people. It’s the drink that creates so many friendships and big bellies and it is something that not only Americans, but people all over the world enjoy to drink and have made part of their past times.

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It doesn’t matter where you go in the world because everywhere beer can be found and it is always so plentiful. Maybe it is because the process of brewing beer is so simple and can be done anywhere, or maybe it really is because everyone in the world actually enjoys drinking a good beer, but no matter where you are in the world you more than likely can order a beer, unless you are in a Muslim country that doesn’t believe in drinking alcohol, but of course they are also strange places with a lot of violence and people that could use a beer for Christ’s sake.

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Yes, beer is something that pretty much everyone can agree upon, but at the same time there is always a lot of debate as to which countries or companies have the best beer, and sometimes this debate can get pretty heated. But if you are a beer enthusiast and you love beer just as much as we do then you have come to the right place because this entire series of blogs is dedicated to the very best beers in the world and the overall best beer brands that can make you feel like you are a king in a castle while drinking a beer all by yourself but hopefully with some friends like they’re supposed to be enjoyed.


We have searched far and wide and traveled all over the world to figure out which beers really are the best beers in the entire world, and to much of our surprise there are some of the best beers right here in the United States, while we also found out that a lot of the best beers in the world come from all over the place in places and countries that we would have least expected.


So with out further consideration let’s start our countdown of the very best beers in all of the world counting down from twenty all the way to number one before we start ranking the best beer brands in the world in later blogs, but for our first beer that we would like to discuss we are going to deal with Aphrodisiaque (Dieu du Ciel) and this is probably one of the very best stouts in the world that you may actually be able to find at home here in the United States because it is from Montreal, Canada just on the other side of the border.


This is a really dark looking beer that foams absolutely perfectly and has a smooth dessert like taste to it, and is actually rather strong for so much flavor at six and half percent alcohol. But this beer has such a strong smell which really does make it feel like the aroma itself and of course the taste can help you attract any mate at the bar, and it really is a very unique stout that sets it apart in the only way that French Canada could set a part a beer from the rest of the world. While it has a unique European style to the beer it still is definitely Canadian, and because it is Canadian and is so close the United States you can definitely be looking for this beer the next time you are at your local liquor store, if you have an extremely awesome local liquor store like a lot of people in the United States are fortunate to have.



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